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"Real estate agents not aggressively promoting their properties with quality HD video are behind the curve of seller and buyer expectations, leaving sellers two options: to go FSBO or to search out a motivated tech-saavy Real Estate agent."  Which agent are you?

It's no secret that Real Estate properties have not performed as well over the past few years as they have in the past.  However, while that may be the case, there is no greater time of opportunity than times like these.  While your competitors are busy throwing in the towel, you should be boning up on the lastest and greatest ways to impress sellers and buyers with your business acumen and expertise.

If you have been doing that, then you will have no doubt realized that video has absolutely changed the way we view the web.  It is no longer is it a collection of boring pages and cheesy images, but a vibrant ecosystem full of abundant information and resources.  A large part of that change is due to the shift to video for a primary source of information.  Instead of reading long boring descriptions, people expect to find information that they can absorb visually and audibly.  It is the holy grail of marketing, to obtain an audio and visual connection with your customer base.  That is why television become so popular many years ago.

But, now people are turning to the web for everything these days and you cannot afford to miss this opportunity get yourself ahead by capitalizing on this media consumption paradigm shift.  Doing so will get your name out as the go-to agent that is actively meeting market demands.  The demand today is video!

How can promotional videos be utilized in Real Estate

There are many ways that promotional / advertising video can be utilitized in Real Estate today.  The most common way in which I have been able to help real estate agents is to product what I call "Agent Profile" videos.  These are relatively brief videos that are produced in a very professional manner that highlight the agent and their particular sales style, accomplishments, business model, or mission statement.  This is an excellent way for Realtors to introduce themselves to a potential client that they may otherwise never meet.  How valuable is that? Extremely valuable! This can be the difference between you getting that high profit listing or not!

The other most common way in which we assist real estate agents, is to produce high quality videos of listings that can be uploaded to a video service like YouTube or Vimeo and then embedded into listing websites, company websites, etc.  Imagine the impression you'll make when your buyers see their homes featured in a beautiful high definition professional listing video!  I have seen some home owners cry they are so touched!  At the same time, potential buyers become engaged in such a listing in a way that is just no possible with photos alone.  Your buyer will be much more likely to know that she wants that house when she calls to ask about it--allowing you to close sales faster!

Video has revolutionized the web as we have known it.  Are you staying up with the times?  If you would like to talk about how to integrate professional video into your business model and boost your image and sales, then call me--Kevin DeLaune--at (406) 219-1107 today!

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Sep 28, 2012
Category: Real Estate
Posted by: kevindelaune